Lorraine alippe %281930   %29 monte sano i  1950s mixed media on board  40 x 29 cms %c2%a31 500.original

Lorraine Alippe

Kpb33 kenneth paul block %281924   2009%29 evening couture.original

Kenneth Paul Block

Evening Couture 1990

Bernard blossac %281917 2002%29 lilac tailleur  actualite couture 1955  watercolour on paper  signed  59 x 43.5 cms.original

Bernard Blossac

Lilac Tailleur

Rene bouche %281905 1963%29 red dress new york  watercolour   india ink on paper  signed  63.5 x 48.5 cms.original

Rene Bouche

Jason brooks %281969   %29 margiela  2020 japanese ink on paper  signed  25 x 19.5 cms.original

Jason Brooks


Image16 3.original

Bil Donovan

Ronald Van Der Kemp S/S 2019

Carl 'eric' erikson %281891 1958%29 empire coat by schiaparelli  vogue 1936  watercolour   gouache on paper  signed  55 x 33.5 cms.original

Carl 'Eric' Erickson

Empire Coat By Schiaparelli

Joe eula %281925 2004%29 sunday fashion new york times  india ink on paper  60 x 50 cms %c2%a35 000.original

Joe Eula

Sunday Fashion

Fred greenhill %281925   2007%29 new yorker  ink   wash on paper  signed  published  the new yorker 1974  40 x 39 cms %c2%a31 500.original

Fred Greenhill

White Flairs

Rene gruau %281909   2004%29 hat   veil.original

René Gruau

Hat & Veil

Givenchy fall 2019 rtw look 29.original

Lara Lancaster (née Mackenzie Lee)

Givenchy Fall 2019

Antonio lopez %281943   1987%29 new york times ii  1963 charcoal on paper  signed  published the new york times magazine  provenance the estate of antonio lopez  galerie bartsch   chariau  munich  87 x 49 cms %c2%a310 000.original

Antonio Lopez

New York Times II

Pierre mourge %281890 1969%29 pierre besson green tailleur  l'officiel 1958  ink   gouache on paper  signed  55 x 38 cms %281%29.original

Pierre Mourgue

Pierre Besson Green Tailleur

Gladys perint palmer %281947   %29 babe paley  black   white ball 1966  2014 ink on paper  signed  66 x 51 cms copy.original

Gladys Perint Palmer

Babe Paley, Black & White Ball 1966

Jack potter %281927 2002%29 yellow jacket 1957  ink   gouache  signed   dated  91.5 x 76 cms .original

Jack Potter

Yellow Jacket

Pierre simon %281906 1999%29 balmain  pen   wash on paper  signed  48.5 x 25 cms.original

Pierre Simon